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This week marks my third month as an honorary Wassenaarian and though pictures have been taken, they flop at doing the Institute, and its surroundings, justice. Verbal accounts are either fantastical (“It’s Rivendell-on-Sea!”) … Continue reading

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>> Burnesha

A truly arresting project by Jill Peters, Sworn Virgins of Albania captures the women who have chosen at a young age to take on the male identity for life. The centuries-old tradition … Continue reading

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>> Portrait of a Syrian Fighter

As the Syrian conflict rumbles on, grassroots narratives abound, heart-breaking, compelling and insightful by turn. If you must read but one (to start or even for today), let it be Yassin … Continue reading

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Best of the Rest: Morocco. Sahara

Originally posted on Natalia Maks:
Sahara is one of the magnificent place in the world. I would go there again in a heart beat.

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On war, faeries and Tolkien:

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Research proposals: vision vs. reality

Yes, this. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as long at an online satire as I am now. So true 😀

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Originally posted on Steal | this | Hijab دزدیدن این حجاب:
by Nagmani After Tunisia and Egypt, it was Afghanistan’s turn to be covered in the bold and beautiful colors of graffiti. It all became possible…

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