Writing on Walls in Tripoli

An interesting piece on the murals by artist Hayat Chaaban, in Tripoli, Lebanon, who has harnessed the medium to inspire, challenge and change the society around her.

'Woe upon a nation where ideologies are many, but religion is absent.'

‘Woe upon a nation where ideologies are many, but religion is absent.’


For more images, visit Gino’s Blog.

Hayat’s work draws on Fairouz and Gibran (among others) and she has adorned walls for local religious leaders, both imam and priest, alike:

In September, after finishing a piece – a four-tone, 4×2 metre composition that gives thanks to the therapeutic benefits of art (“How cramped is living if it were not for a space for art”) – on a set of stairs close to al-Tal park, Chaaban was approached by the imam of a nearby mosque who led her to a derelict residential building round the block.

“He said he’d pay for the paint if I could transform it,” said Chaaaban.

Covering a ten-foot wall, the swirling, intricate Kufic script appears to almost spill off the concrete.

“After it was completed the sheikh said that every time he walked by the wall he felt a burden had been lifted,” she said.

Read more about Hayat’s work here and here.

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