Kufr Birim: Memory and Space

Following from the previous post that evoked Damascus in conjunction with the poetry of Darwish, here is an equally beautiful piece that explores memory and space through the medium of music and Sufi philosophy in the Palestinian village of Kufr Birim:

[T]he video includes acting and modern Sufi dance to depict “the moment when two lovers touch one another, despite the checkpoints and long distances” standing between them. It shows a young woman and man dancing through the ruins of Kufr Birim, among the destroyed homes and buildings, although they cannot touch one another. Saeed Tarabeh, an acclaimed Palestinian vocalist from Sakhnin, sings Arabic poetry as Pauline Laidet reads French-language spoken word poetry in the background.

The project is part of a wider endeavour to remember the site through cultural activism, not only in Kufr Birim, but in Iqrit also, through performance art and a prolongued presence at the sites by members of Insiyab and al-Awda.

More on the clip and its context can be found here; for further details on the work of al-Awda, click here.

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