Random Acts of Street Art, #2

Found around the Jaffa Street area:





While architecture has not fallen under my previous posts on street art, Jaffa Street is an art unto itself, evoking a bygone era through its balconies, facades and bustling cafes.

Somehow, it emitted more nostalgia and grace than the more traditional old spots, such as the souk:

This is a city full of the bold, hidden, old, new, urbane and challenging art.

I love it.

One comment on “Random Acts of Street Art, #2

  1. an Israeli
    September 15, 2013

    Again – you love Israeli / Jewish Jerusalem.
    The art street, bustling cafes are part of Israeil/ Jewish lifestyle and were done and built by Israelis. This is part of Jerusalem that was under Israeli control since 1948 and all the bustling coffee shops are Israeli. Also the street art was done by Israelis.
    This part of twon reflects Israeli life style and culture – just like the Rehavia neigborhood which you loved so much.
    Just imagine how these streets would have looked like if they were part of a Palestinian town.
    Not good…

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