Vintage Bollywood (with a horror twist)

Of the many faces of Bollywood, horror is not one that I am well-versed in (dramatic, swooshing zoom-ins of a horrified visage aside).


While watching Doosra Aadmi last night I flicked through a few vintage Bollywood posters, the usual suspects – DeewaarSholay and Kaala Patthar – all in magnificent technicolor attendance.

Caped Crusader

And then I came across this cluster of delights encompassing the bold graphics of comic books blended with Bollywood panache and a very liberal dousing of audacious noir.


From vampires and werewolves to zombies, caped crusaders and (yes!) a Cthulhu, the images are so delightful that I have already downloaded two to print on t-shirts.


It’s times like this that I am grateful for the Internet – all that remains is to get my mitts on copies of the movies, which may prove more elusive.


But imagine the songs – pure, unadulterated joy.


To view the full collection, pop over to Escolar. And revel.

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