Notes from a Beach

Although I claim to be a creature of the summer, the only true constant is my love of the beach.

Aberdeen Beach, by Laylatoot 2

The heat inspires a quick heart-beat, restlessness and inevitable crankiness.

Melting ice-cream, burning eyes and lethargy feed my summer Grinch, which is why summer in Aberdeen is so very glorious.

Aberdeen Beach, by Laylatoot 1

This summer is an anomaly; a perfect anomaly in my view.

It’s cool, but not cold; sunny, but not burning; bright, but not overwhelming.

Aberdeen Beach, by Laylatoot 3

The flash storms are sudden and refreshing, yet the beach sparkles and the water laps with false promise.

The waves are clear and blue, and while some brave souls venture a paddle, most watch, don thermal wet-suits or act under duress of a dare.

Aberdeen Beach, by Laylatoot 4

This weekend we took in once more the small fishing village of Fittie, last done in the spring.

I moved smoothly between praise and bitter envy, the tranquility and timelessness tempered only by the mast of a giant trawler passing out of the harbor beyond.

Fittie, by Laylatoot

But living there could be dangerous: ensconced in an attic flat, the North Sea booming below and a cat on my lap, I might never leave.

Fittie, by Laylatoot 2

My shopping would be delivered, my lectures done by Skype and walks taken through Google Streetview.

Fittie, by Laylatoot 1

Within four years I would be the subject of a Channel 4 documentary, but my productivity would be superb.

Fittie, by Laylatoot 3

File under: ‘hidden Northern joys’ and circle on the map. And go.

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