Bloodshed and Legitimacy

“After bloodshed, there is no legitimacy”/ “بعد الدم مفيش شرعيه”

And as the piece below demonstrates, no matter how hard you intimidate the protesters, silence the media and paint over the graffiti: more will rise in its place:

Via El Zeft


A few days ago the Zamalek Guardians decided to paint over the iconic Tank vs. Biker Graffiti. This was the longest surviving (and one of the largest) graffiti pieces in Egypt, created in May 2011 by Ganzeer and a group of friends and volunteers. Yesterday night Mohamed Khalid, Zeft, Ali Khalid and Ismail created a new piece over the fresh coat of paint! The piece reads “After bloodshed, there is no legitimacy”. The evolution of the Tank vs. Biker is fascinating, it was edited and interacted with multiple times, never fully gone…

Credited to El Zeft, Mohamed Khaled, Mahmoud Magde, Mohamed Ismail Shawki and Ali Khaled.

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