Daily Snap: Bunny

The rain is lashing, BBC Arabic – usually a source of morning vintage classics – is playing Taylor Swift and my article becomes more fickle by the day.

How to remedy such an ill-started morning?

FIP, graffiti and a ridiculous pencil:

Bunny, by Layla

FIP has yet to play a bad tune and soothes cranky crinkles in much the same way as hiding in the corner of a warm, cozy French café with limitless WiFi and a potent espresso.

Graffiti visually lifts the spirits and thoughts: over in Beirut the graffiti is more than art – it is a physical rendering of the subconscious and the past, present and future aspirations.

Walls that Speak is a super documentary charting street art in Lebanon, while over at BeirutStateofMind, Cow of Beirut looks at political tagging in the city.

For more on graffiti in Beirut, check out Marking Beirut: A City Revealed by its Graffiti, by Tala F. Saleh.

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