Pilfered with joy: The Game of Tenure

Because PhD Comics never fail to raise spirits:


Also, a social science version of this ingenious database over at Brandeis is much-needed: the Paper Rejection Repository:

Nobody likes to receive a letter from the editor of your favorite journal letting you know that your paper was rejected. Some journals have begun including reviewers’ comments with accepted papers to make the views of experts available to the reader.

The rejection letters and comments are equally useful in helping to judge what kind of papers might be acceptable to a journal, and what kind of comments lead to rejections.

Rather than hiding these low points in the trajectory of a scientific paper, this forum offers a place to publish these letters and comments to educate others.

Quite right – and it also acts as a handy helper for reviewers who need a gentle prod in the direction of constructive criticism, for an effective review not only highlights the short-comings, but guides the writer to greater heights of academic prowess.

And in many cases can prove the most elucidating and invaluable part of the publishing process.

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