Drones 101

If you find yourself short on time, low on awareness, but thirsty to understand one of the lesser covered, yet nonetheless equally horrendous travesties of our age, Pitch Interactive, a data visualization studio, has stepped up with one of the best representations of drone attacks in Pakistan.

Dating from 2004-2013, Out of Sight, Out of Mind guides you through a quick, succinct overview of the impact of the measures on civilians in the country.

And the figures are startling: since 2004 3,105 people have been killed, with only 2% of those being the intended targets.

This is an ongoing tragedy showing little sign of respite and in my view, the media is paying far too little attention to the implications this bears for civilians on a local level.

One of the ways we can combat this is through awareness, so share, inform and be aware – subvert the common outlets, promulgate and educate.

See also:

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