IWD 2013: Selective Awesomeness

Since there will be superb acts of activism taking place around the globe today, I have selected but one that has provided goose-bumps of respect.

via Nadine Moawad

Hat-tipping Nadine Moawad for this, activists in Lebanon have been consistently pushing [Ar] for legal reform to protect women from family violence:

Last night, we closed down the first of many roads to officially announce that we will be going on an open hunger strike in front of Parliament if they don’t pass the law to protect women from family violence. This is our final battle – the countdown is on.

The struggle for equality for women continues around the world  – if only the media would focus on it for not one day, but 365 days a year.

This morning’s radio shows were awash with compelling issues addressed in the name of International Women’s Day.

And while programs such as BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour provide excellent coverage on an international and local level of the known (and lesser known) issues confronting women today, it needs to be more pervasive and permanently on the agenda.

IWD is not just March 8: it is every hour, every action and everyone’s responsibility.

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