Of Note: Tacapes

I have a lot of love for the work of the Tunisian artist el Seed: his work is not only immensely pleasing on the eye, but defies the tradition of street art through the bold selection of sites on which to paint.Image by eL Seed

Perhaps his most noted work is the mural on the Jara mosque in Gabés which ameliorated the tower and provided the perfect coupling of street art and religion.

el jara

I am biased by my existing love of graffiti, so I naturally concluded that eL Seed should proceed to daub all the mosque towers in the country.

(And beyond.)

Given my rabid enthusiasm, I am delighted that the project is the subject of a documentary film produced by the Barjeel Art Foundation and directed by Walid Kafi, Ouahid Berrehouma and Salah Zribi.

Tacapes follows eL Seed through the five weeks of the summer that transformed the mosque, chronicling the challenges, methods and progress towards the mural.

For more details on eL Seed’s works, visit his site, here.

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