Who killed Choukri Belaïd?


It is the logical question to emerge from recent events in Tunisia and grim humor posits that the country has moved to the next level – political assassinations.

It’s an unwelcome one, that when coupled with the likelihood that justice will not be served in the event that his killers are found, presents an uneasy foundation for the new state.

Some point to Ennahda, those to whom Belaïd stood in political opposition, but even if it is taken a step further (which I am more inclined to do) to indicate members of the Salafist movement who have been behind a spate public acts of aggression, scant respite is brought.

Although Ennahda has condemned actions by the movement, it is a weak approach marked by inertia.

And midst the silence the violence continues with impunity.

Perhaps a show trial will emerge as a means of pacification, but the significance of the murder will remain as a stain on the new government.

A government that is showing the cracks of disunity and an inability to rally support from an already skeptical public.

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