A call for aspiring writers and film lovers of the Arab Spring!

The Swivel Theatre Company is seeking writers to submit one-act plays about Arab Women in the Arab Spring to be showcased during a 4 week run in June 2013 at the White Bear Theatre, London.

The tales can be told through ‘comedy or drama, satire or gritty realism,’ but must remain women-centric.

The deadline is March 4 and the page limit 30.

To find out more about the process of submission and to be whipped into a eager frenzy to join, visit Swivel Theatre Company, here.

Moving from theatre to film, do check out and support Dalia Ali‘s film project Sunchild – Adam & the little Blue fishes inside his tummy, over on Kickstarter.

Flitting between Los Angeles and Cairo, the film explores the response of a young autistic boy to the revolution:

The film takes a look into the life of an autistic child, Adam and his single mother Miranda, and shows what can happen when a certain protest in Tahrir Square rocks the world of a young autistic boy who cannot express what he has just seen on TV.

Can the Egyptian revolution and what it stands for, extend to the rest of the world? Can it inspire change? Most importantly and this is what my film talks about, Can it affect your personal life, in the privacy of your own home? Can this wind of change touch the face of your son, daughter or loved one?

Ali has put forth a beautiful concept and it needs to be taken forward; visit the promo clip, here.

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