The Flatseeker’s Lament

One thing I love about Scotland is the logicality of legal transactions, especially when it comes to properties.

Scottish law is largely derived from French law,  and is distinguishable from English law in  a number of ways.

For example,  ‘gazumping‘ is illegal in Scotland, while in England it is a common practice that leaves home sellers between properties as their own home sells, but the house they bid on is sold to a higher bidder at the last minute.

In contrast, in Scotland the gentleman’s agreement is binding – once your word is given, the property is taken off the market and negotiations begin in earnest.

Alas, the rigour with which agencies operate might fall in my disadvantage – having spied The Perfect Flat only meters from my new office, I hastened to schedule a viewing for the month’s end, while securing a deposit now.

But I was thwarted, for one cannot place a deposit unless the flat has been viewed in person and five viewers are lined up this week.

I could howl.

But instead I shall sit in my office and glare angrily at the tenants, rather like this:

Until they move, then I shall sweep in in a flurry of books and boxes and cackle in the attic with joy.

2 comments on “The Flatseeker’s Lament

  1. Haitham Al-Sheeshany
    November 9, 2012

    Howl not! 🙂
    I hope u get it 🙂 if not, something better 🙂
    It`s our 8th week here and I`m realizing why every1 sighed when they learned we r in Glasgow, Scotland 🙂

    Got to love Scots, right? 😀

    I`m not friends with cats, hopefully none of the tenants r, they shall flee w/o looking back 🙂

    • Layla
      November 9, 2012

      Oh, you’ll grow to love it – I’m delighted to be going back, if only for the beach 🙂

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