A Song for the Sombre

It was with a weary mind that this song eased into my subconscious,  slowly expanding to become one of the most beautiful pieces I have heard in a while.

The Black Sun, by Jo Mango, is one of many quietly stunning tracks on her new album, Murmurations, released earlier this week.

And I can confirm that each song is as beautiful as the last.

While it could be filed under the genre my friends call ‘standing on a Scandinavian/Scottish beach, depressed,’ it is equally effective at untangling mind-knots and gently lulling one to sleep.

It’s gorgeous. Do listen:

It’s worth noting as an aside that this was heard on BBC Radio Scotland.

My love affair with the station began in 2002 when I lived in Aberdeen during my Masters.

Over the years I have found the music played to be uniquely gorgeous day or night; folk, world and singer-songwriter works feature heavily – perfect backdrops to the drudgery of study.

Although an (un)fortunate outcome on moving back north could be the explosion of my music collection.

My bank thanks you.


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