Times, A-changing

Its been more than two months since my last post and change is unfurling in big and little ways.

When I last posted the sunflowers were craning towards a blue sky redolent with sunshine and warmth. My cakes were cooling on the garden wall and my basil plant was plump and green.

Elsewhere, I had just obtained a new lectureship in a much-loved city and the relocation was distant, yet yearned for.

Since then, the leaves have collapsed, fog hugs the windows and a perpetual drizzle has rung the death knell for both the basil and the sunflowers.

The cakes were long gone.

The ardent penchant to move has been supplanted by inertia, the tedium of box and flat-hunting setting in alongside the perpetual musing of whether I will ever have enough winter clothes to see me through January-April in Scotland’s northernmost corner.

My book in August was almost to term and as I write, it is nestled within a box at my office, awaiting our first face-to-cover introduction.

Having carried it for a gestation that would make an elephant grateful, I am not sure whether I will beam or howl when we meet.

Otherwise, the smugness with which I redesigned this blog in the summer has dissipated faster than the weather and is next in line for a much needed revival.

And on we go.

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This entry was posted on October 24, 2012 by in Frivolities & Miscellaeny.
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