Ants. Giant Ants. With Trumpets.

Which pretty much captures the nature of this summer of the unexpected.

Perhaps most of all the weather: nearing August the days of heat in the North can be counted on the fingers of one hand, while the alternation between humidity and chills is unfathomably quick.

Amidst this, our little city has erupted in a fever of culture: last weekend was the Miner’s Gala, and last Sunday brought the International Brass Festival to town.

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Featuring a number of public performances in the Market Square, my favourite (for sheer entertainment) was The Ant Orkezdra, featuring stilts, trombones and dancing 8 foot ants.

But in terms of musical joy, the closing act, Cottas Club, were unrivalled. I could have listened to them all day.

With a few giant ants thrown in for good measure.

2 comments on “Ants. Giant Ants. With Trumpets.

  1. Haitham Al-Sheeshany
    July 26, 2012

    Oh com`n!
    We all know red ants can`t play music! Only turquoise ones r capable of that 😛

    • Layla
      July 26, 2012

      Turquoise? Why do you get cooler ants than us?! 😛

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