Writing in the Time of Revolution

One of the core issues to emerge from our research trip to North Africa was the idea of time.

Is it the right time to produce art? Too soon? Or must we capture the moment?

The same applied to literature, poetry, music – across the cultural board.

One might also apply this to research and academic commentary.

Slavoj Žižek talks cogently about this in his tome Violence: Six Sideways Reflections (2009) and puts a strong case for holding our pens and creating a useful critical analysis, rather than lightening quips.

Going back a few years further (1958), Simone Weil cautioned likewise:

Events do not wait; time will not stop in order to afford us leisure; the present forces itself urgently on our attention and threatens us with calamities which would bring in their train, amongst many other harrowing misfortunes, the material impossibility of studying or writing otherwise than in the service of the oppressors. What are we to do?

Make haste, but not to the cost of depth, seems to be the solution.

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