Salafist Clubbers of Tunis

Facebook etiquette aside, sometimes a status is too thought-provoking to languish on a social network.

In response to Islamist troubles around Tunis last night, a friend posted the following:

Un barbu est, par définition, un clubber refoulé: Il sort la nuit, il gesticule en criant comme un animal et il a de la Vodka à portée de main .. Sauf que lui il l’utilise en Molotov pour mettre le feu dans ses soirées!

Which roughly translates as the following:

A bearded man is, by definition, a hidden clubber: he goes out at night, gesticulates and shouts like an animal and he carries a Vodka in his hand. Except he uses it as Molotov to set fire in the night!

The dichotomy between peaceful religious practice and aggression by night is one of the points that renders the Salafist elements in Tunisia so distasteful.

The direction of the new Islamic government is open to debate, but the acts of the above individuals is non-negotiable and unacceptable. 

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