Sukayna, Islamic Feminist

A terribly bland post title for an utterly extraordinary woman:

Even as early as the first years of Islam, women had the courage to oppose the system […] the Prophet’s own great-granddaughter, Sukayna (born in A.D. 671) […] who was renowned for her beauty and wit and her interest in politics and poetry, discarded the veil, parading her beauty to emphasise women’s position in Arab tradition. She is said to have married five or six times, and to have never pledged ‘ta’a’ (obedience, a key principle of Islamic marriage) to any of her husbands

Taken from Fatema Mernissi, Women and Islam: A Historical and Theological Enquiry, (tr Lakeland, M J) [Oxford: Basil Blackwell] 1991.

One comment on “Sukayna, Islamic Feminist

  1. ahs
    February 28, 2012

    Islamic Feminism, the Blue Bra & the Arab Spring

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