The Rise of the Palestinian Youth

Palestinians are dab-hands at revolutionary fare.

Their struggle is a tale of endurance, sustenance, dogged dedication and endless hope.

Which is why when their youth call for an end to the relentless sniping between the two parties – Hamas and Fatah – a semblance of unity is forged.

In the coming days the UN bid for statehood will require unity – not only for appearances purposes, but for the tribulations and potential rejection that necessitates further strength and support.

For, as the cliché runs, ‘united we stand, divided we fall.’

On which note, Jonathan Cook has composed a rather splendid look at the death knell for the Palestinian old guard:

The first shoots of this revolution in Palestinian politics were evident in the youth movement that earlier this year frightened Abbas’s Fatah party and Hamas into creating a semblance of unity. These youngsters, now shorn of the distracting illusion of Palestinian statehood, will redirect their energies into an anti-apartheid struggle, using the tools of non-violent resistance and civil disobedience. Their rallying cry will be one person-one vote in the single state Israel rules over.

Read the full article, here.

One comment on “The Rise of the Palestinian Youth

  1. ahmed elmasry (@cnenc)
    September 27, 2011

    مفيش دولة قامت الا بعد نضال مسلح ينهك الطرف الرافد فيضطر ذليلا الاصغاء لشروط الطرف الاخر
    سيبكو بقى من كلام النضال السلمى ده الله يخرب بيوتكوا هتضيعوا القضيه خالص..
    ما حصلش فى التاريخ ان احتلال خرج بالمفاوضات اصحو بقى ولا مجلس العصابة “الامن” ده عمره هينفعكوا

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