Zeid, Arrested

Iย first stumbled across Zeid Hamdan via Roba and from there I have spiralled onwards into a flurry of musical joy through Zeid and the Wings and SoapKills.

One of the more awesome of the fabulous compositions is General Suleiman – a song that is neither young in pop-cultural terms (2 years old) nor particularly offensive.

It is however, pertinent, cheeky and the video is a wonderful blend of satire and unity.

Which makes the following announcement all the more incredible:

Zeid Hamdan has been arrested today for his song General Suleiman, after 2 years of its release.

The investigations have been happening for 3 weeks now, after the video clip has been seen by the General Security in Lebanon.

Today, Zeid rode his bike and went to the Palace of Justice, thinking he’s going to sign some papers and go back home. Surprisingly, he didn’t go back home. He was arrested.

No trial is scheduled yet, and we don’t know what the verdict will be.

It is nice to see that in the country of Freedom of Expression, in the time of revolutions in the Arab World, in the time of demonstrations against the system in Lebanon, in a country where you see on TV everyday politicians insult each others, where you see TV shows and theater shows making loads of money out of mocking every single politician in the country, the one arrested is a citizen, who dares to say to his president “go home”, because he, this miracle man, ironically is -not- sending home all the militia men, all the corrupted politicians, all the weapon dealers, all the trouble makers, the foreign intelligence….

Zeid has been arrested today, we don’t see why. He can go into trial, and it’s the country’s right to send him to court, but it is not of their right to arrest him in Jail meanwhile.

This is totally unacceptable. It’s a shame. We must not stay silent when our co-citizen is unjustly treated.

Despite years of conflict, Lebanon has long stood as the bastion of culture and liberalism – all of which renders the news more shocking.

As is always necessary in such circumstances, pass the message on via the blogosphere and social networks, follow the hashtag #freezeid and tweet, tweet, tweet.

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