Mother… Pakistan?!

Exchange between Man and I, last night:

Layla: <excited> I bought three DVDs earlier!

Man: <Secretly hoping to hear the word ‘Rambo’ in at least one> Oh, what?

L: Lebanon and…

M: <thinks: please say Rambo, please say Rambo…>

L: Mother India! It’s a classic!

M: <Turns in slow motion from stove, a look so murderous that Voldemort and Sauron would clutch each other’s robes and weep shrilly.>

L: What? It’s going to be awesome! Wha…

M: Mother India? You have to be kidding, right? My God. Why Mother India? Why not Mother Pakistan?!

L: Mwahaha. There is not one. You must capitulate to my Bollywood power. That, and Mela, 1948.

M: <Sullen silence, denoting disappontment and resignation.>

Cue: Waltz with Bashir.

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