The Flimsy Ban on Hijabs (and T-shirts)

I am commencing this post with a yawn.

A long, lock-jaw inducing soporific-soaked expulsion of weariness.

For this:

FIFA bans Jordanian women soccer players for wearing the hijab

A ban by world soccer body FIFA on Muslim women wearing Islamic headdress is taking its toll on the performance of not only Iran but also Jordan.

Iran earlier this month lost its chance of reaching the 2012 Olympics after its qualifying match was cancelled because the Islamic republic’s women soccer team appeared on the pitch wearing a hijab that covered their ears and neck and not only their hair as originally had been agreed with the Iranian Football Federation (IFF).

That’s right ladies, it’s not just those ‘crazy hormones’ that render us a liability to the road and ballot box, but the garments we choose to don elsewhere.

And it’s not just Islamic dress that has been targeted, as the case of Naama Shafir demonstrates:

Israel national basketball team star, Naama Shafir refuses to play unless wearing a T-shirt under her jersey due to modesty; international basketball regulations require all team members to wear same uniform.

Organizers of the championships in Poland this month have informed the Israelis she will not be able to play with her T-shirt. Shafir said Thursday she won’t play without it.

It’s disgraceful that sportswomen are compelled to choose between their religio-cultural adherences and sporting ambitions: having achieved this much, its doubtful a t-shirt or a hijab prove a true obstacle to success on the court and field.

One comment on “The Flimsy Ban on Hijabs (and T-shirts)

  1. morgan
    October 7, 2011

    dont want to miss the game, heading home right away………………

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