A veer away from current affairs for a moment and a meander into (beloved) geek territory as I enthuse about an application I happened upon while salvaging some images.

My camera has moods: some days it produces spectacular results, while on others it borks and produces quality akin to a Fisher Price model.

Today was the birthday of a friend and I wanted to capture the joy, surprise, deliciousness and general frivolity.

My camera had other ideas: the flash was flinch-inducing and rendered all subjects waxen or blurry smudges.

In a last bid to save something to post (as promised) I searched for vintage photo converters and to my endless glee found Poladroid.

It’s awesome.

The results are delightfully warm and made even the most head-hangingly shameful of captures pseudo-artistic.

The down side: each image, in this crazy-fast age, took a while to develop – or perhaps I am merely impatient.

But it is worth waiting for.

Equally, it cuts edges of images: in one capture of three people (spaced), the first is merely a shoulder.

I tried shrinking the original, but no luck.

Aside from the above, it is fantastic and will be my new toy of choice: I haven’t posted nearly enough images recently, so expect plenty Poladroids soon!

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