Chauvinism, Insecurities and the Real Anchormen

I don’t usually have favourite journalists, but if I do, they are generally on Al-Jazeera.

The channel has a happy knack of catching the best of reporters from around the world, which is why I am furtively crossing my fingers that the newly freelance Samira Ahmed will be poached sharpish.

According to certain reports, Ahmed is leaving Channel 4 news to pursue freelance projects.

Other outlets hint at a darker reason for her move comprising disdain by the ITN news conglomerate over her “scruffy hair,” her perpetual second fiddleship to male anchors and the demotion from (second) anchor to reporter.

Sources said she had been called into a room so bosses could point out on pictures of her what was wrong with her hair.

Insiders say relations got so bad that she had to get written permission every time she wanted to leave the newsroom. It is also claimed she was being pressurised into taking a demotion from her role as presenter to reporter.

There was tension over her appearances on BBC shows such as Celebrity Mastermind and Have I Got News For You.

It is understood that Miss Ahmed has been given a pay-off to keep silent on the bitter rows with bosses at the news service. [Source]

Having worked with Channel 4 for 11 years it is time for Ahmed to move higher, further and put her true talent to good use.

Freed from the shackles of male chauvinism and insecurities at her indubitably better journalistic skills, she can only do better.

And yes, here’s hoping Al Jazeera comes knocking πŸ™‚

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