The Troll Within

As bloggers we become hardened to trollisms: it is an inevitable by-product of the past-time.

Yet when the trollism emanates from a personal source (Facebook) and from a friend, it is unnerving.

Yesterday I posted a link to the news that Republican Congressman Paul Broun had called for enhanced profiling: that is, extend it to anyone ‘Arab-looking.’

As a header, I quipped that such stupidity was migraine-inducing.

This morning I awoke to the shitstorm that had raged over night following a comment that such measures were understandable since didn’t all terrorists come from “that area” and frankly, “can you really blame me when I left immediately the underground train in Moscow, when somebody in burca [sic.] entered the train?”

In response, the individual was called a disgrace and general shock was expressed that someone in academia could be educated, but hold such offensive views.

I must concede less surprise (though I was surprised at the individual in question); racism is present at many levels of society, gender and education is superfluous.

It would have been easy to follow-up with an attack powered by personal affront, but I opted to wait and pursue the track of fact and reason.

Likewise, I could have deleted the whole post, comments and all, but it would have beenΒ anathematic to my ethos: how could I daily lament censorship, yet delete comments from my own page because they failed to match my sentiments?

Instead, the above post (to follow) is the result.

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