The Tunisian Pirate Party

At the moment Tunisia is stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea as neither Ennahda nor the 70 new parties provide a solid, promising manifesto.

Enter The Tunisian Pirate Party: a cynical entry into an already congested newly-free political arena, closer inspection reveals a rather fetching ethos:

We, members of the Pirate Party of Tunisia, are citizens from the world. We are called “pirates” because we defend and advocate the freedom of Internet, the freedom of culture, the freedom of information and of free trade between individuals. As Pirates, we hold to our right of free trade and information transparency between individuals and communities. We position ourselves as staunch defenders of the bases of a civilian democratic society.

Our objectives as tunisian Pirates are the strengthening of the democracy in our country, the culture and knowledge dissemination among our fellow citizens, and the development of cultural, economic and social systems that consecrate the values of solidarity at global level in order to work for the interests of Tunisia.

We start this great endeavor and plunge in the world of politics in order to spread this culture of citizen power and of Human rights among all Tunisians and to strengthen our conviction that the censorship era is indeed over.

And so it continues.

In a time of transition, ambiguity and continuing unrest, The Pirates provide a flicker of a smile and a nod to what the country needs most: democratic freedom, a celebration of knowledge and cultural awareness and most of all, the promise of a brighter future that retains Tunisia’s secular beauty.

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