Farhat Rajhi: Revolutionary Leader?

If Mohammad Bouazizi sparked the Jasmine Revolution, then Interior Minister Farhat Rajhi has rekindled the flames.

After stating in a Facebook video that a military coup was in preparation should the Islamist Ennahda Party triumph in the polls, Rajhi has been sacked from his post as head of the High Commission for Human Rights and Fundamental Liberties (HCDHLF).

Shortly after the release of the video protesters once again swarmed l’Avenue Bourguiba to be met by police wielding batons and tear gas.

Reports abound of deaths, but remained uncomfirmed; confirmed by audio-visual clips was the beating of women and the harassment of journalists covering the event.

Just as quick came Rajhi’s backtracking as he claimed the video was unethically placed online by journalists using a secret camera.

What he doesn’t realize is that he has taken a great step (unwitting or no) towards a liberal, open Tunisia.

He is paying the price for his honesty now, but given the surge of admiration for Rajhi online one cannot help but hope he sits tight and keeps talking.

Known for his vociferousness and upon taking office he fired dozens of top officials in the interior ministry, former cadres of Ben Ali’s fallen regime.

Death threats, sacking, condemnation from the government… Revolution was never going to be easy.

Until now the Revolution has lacked a figure-head – I wonder if (providing he stays strong) Rajhi could be the one?

As a final note, a rather splendid article on the virtues of Rajhi can be found here, in French.

2 comments on “Farhat Rajhi: Revolutionary Leader?

  1. Webmaster
    May 19, 2011
    الموقع الرسمي للسيد فرحات الراجحي كان يوم امس قد شهد محاولات قرصنة لكن الادارة المشرفة عن الموقع تمكنت من صد تلك المحاولات.
    وتتوجه للقراصنة بالقول: والله لن تسكتوا صوت الحق و العدل و الكرامة و الثورة
    والله لن تسكتوا السيد فرحات الراجحي الذي كان و مازال و سيظل رمزا للثورة و بقلب كل تونسي غيور علي تونس الحبيبة

  2. fafouna zoé
    May 20, 2011

    trés juste, il a toute l’envergure qu’il faut pour etre le leader tant attendu : la compétence, la loyauté, la force de caractère, le sens de la communication et la sympathie de tout le peuple ! la question que je me pose maintenant: est ce que si rajhi a une ambition politique ? là est toute la question ! s’il n’en a pas c’est tout en son honneur parceque ça démontrera le caractère complètement désinteressé de son attitude pourtant tant risquée, s’il a une ambition politique ce qui ne peut etre qu’une chose trés honorable il devrait foncer nous serons tous avec lui ! pourquoi est ce qu’il ne dit pas un mot à propos de ce qu’il compte faire ? lui qui n’a aucun problème à s’exprimer ? curieux ………

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