The Brothers Hajjaj

…Are creating much awesomeness through their challenging cartoons:

Jordanian brothers Osama and Emad (better known as Mahjoob) have covered topics as diverse as the North African uprisings and the Japan tsunami, and in the process have garnered death threats as well as praise.

For Emad, cartoons provide a means to elicit humor from the tension:

Cartoons are powerful. They are purely visual language, international language. It’s the language of laughter. Our newspapers are full of ugly things – people killed every day, wars break out every year. Sometimes the cartoonist has to show reality. Sometimes I have to shock people, sometimes I have to be blunt, sometimes I have to be straightforward and point out the wrong things – and this is a dangerous job. [Source]

While Emad later lost his job following a depiction of King Abdallah II (who later conceded he enjoyed the portrayal), Osama was imprisoned, along with his editor-in-chief, after a depiction of the Muslim Brotherhood.

For Osama, the cartoons represent the dynamism of the revolutions:

My characters represent the position of the youth and illustrates the problems they go through. I chose this direction because we lack a good representation of this group. The youth are very important and they are the ones making a change in the Arab world today. [Source]

To view the work of Osama and Emad, click here and here, respectively.

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