Saudi’s Day of Rage Begins Early

Although one could reason that the Musk Revolution began the day Saudi revolutionary activist Faisal Ahmed Abdul-Ahadwas was silenced by a bullet.

Tonight, however, police in Qatif have commenced the Day of Rage – officially scheduled for March 11 – early, by firing on protesters.

Loathe though I am to indulge in flippancy at this crucial juncture, but there are distinct nuances of (recent) history repeating itself.

The practice of violent repression has failed in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and most fatally, in Libya.

The people have reached the point of no return: the endurance of those opposed to Qaddafi confirms this is not a flash phenomenon.

Years of suppression have ground the nerves of the populations of the countries embroiled and the Saudi regime would be prudent to listen, rather than quash.

To succeed, it must dare to pursue the track of communication and cohesion.

If not, then it should open the bunkers, stack the bullions and prepare for a fight or flight scenario.

The Saudi people are starting to speak and this time, they will not be gagged.

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