US: Saudi Arabia to Arm Benghazi?

(I purposefully dropped the additional ‘rebels’ from Benghazi as it reeks of negativity – remember, they are fighting against Qaddafi.)

In response to the following story I am stuck between uproarious laughter prompted by incredulity or goggling at the notion:

Desperate to avoid US military involvement in Libya in the event of a prolonged struggle between the Gaddafi regime and its opponents, the Americans have asked Saudi Arabia if it can supply weapons to the rebels in Benghazi. The Saudi Kingdom, already facing a “day of rage” from its 10 per cent Shia Muslim community on Friday, with a ban on all demonstrations, has so far failed to respond to Washington’s highly classified request []

On the surface supporting Benghazi fighters is as pleasing as the toppling of the dictator, but the question of external intervention remains.

Foremost: the buzz on Twitter from Tweeters in the region is in line with a people’s revolution, that is, it must spring from the people and be finished by the people.

In essence, the birthing of the open post-Qaddafi state must be of Libyan endeavours.

Fine, one might respond – we can help!

Um. No.

Old cynic I might be, but where there is oil and Western troops hopping to intervene, also lies doubt it is women’s rights and open elections that are foremost on the agenda.

For now, Saudi Arabia is withholding its response: torn as it is between long-term disdain for the Libyan leader and the implications for its own revolution and position in the post-revolution region should it emerge in cahoots with the US (not that this will be something new, but perhaps a relationship it would want to cool for a while).

Let’s watch this space, for the Libyan struggle is about to become infinitely more complex.

6 comments on “US: Saudi Arabia to Arm Benghazi?

  1. Craig
    March 7, 2011

    This story is farcically stupid and I’m not at all surprised to see Fisk is the author. To think even Fisk thinks that Americans are stupid enough to urge the saudis to supply Libyan “rebels” that inevitably must have terrorists in their midst with shoulder-fired antiaircraft guided missiles that could be used just as easily to down commercial passenger jest or US military aircraft is shocking. Maybe wishful thinking on Fisk’s part? Or deliberate propaganda?

    Why do people in the middle-east listen to this idiot?

    • Layla
      March 7, 2011

      🙂 In a positive moment, I would wish that this is true – I find it astonishing that the US could be so haphazard, if it is!

  2. Craig
    March 7, 2011

    Old cynic that you are, you blocked my comment ridiculing this Fisk article? 😀

    • Layla
      March 7, 2011

      Nope – just a slow old cynic when it comes to logging in 😉

      • Craig
        March 7, 2011

        Sorry for the accusation Layla! The comment didn’t show as still being under moderation so I thought you censored me and posted another comment to complain – and then I saw BOTH comments still waiting for moderation and felt stupid for being a whiner 🙂

      • Layla
        March 8, 2011

        Hahaha! No problem 😀

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