A Childhood Lost

Or gained?

Amer Daboub’s animated short ponders the question of technology and the young (and perhaps not-so-young) beautifully:

According to Daboub:

Of the most beautiful memories of any human being is the childhood memories: playing with friends, neighbors and sons and friends of the school; technology entered our lives and added to it a lot, but also took a lot of human interaction.*

It is the eternal question for our times: are we more connected, or less?

Perhaps it is just a substitution of one for the other; though one is perhaps more available and less tangibly valuable.

*Original text:
اللعب مع الاصدقاء و اولاد الجيران واصدقاء المدرسة
التكنولوجيا دخلت حياتنا واضافت اليها الكثير لكن ايضا اخذت منها الكثير
الا و هو التفاعل الانساني
فيلم كارتوني جميل لعامر دبوب يشرح الفكرة

One comment on “A Childhood Lost

  1. haitham
    March 1, 2011

    A resembling “sad but true” clip!! 😦

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