Gaddafi: A Vainglorious Narcissus

I am trying to be disciplined and eschew Twitter so that my book will not have to be completed by subsequent generations, but it is so damn hard:

What is surprising is not the harshness of Gaddafi’s reaction, not even the incredulous pomp of his 15 second jaunt in front of the cameras.

It is that we are at all raising eye-brows at his antics: that the brutality comes from the most vainglorious, repugnantly self-adulatory, egotistical manifestation of pomp incarnate excreted from the imaginings of Narcissus is exactly what I expect from Gaddafi.

The acts are hideously inhumane – of course.

But Gaddafi is not a man familiar with compromise, let alone loss.

This will be a dirty fight: we thought the Tunisian case was a miracle – then we observed Egypt.

We thought it could not be worse (or more inspiring) than Tahrir – then we watched Bahrain.

As the regime butchered its own people we held our breath – now Gaddafi strives to transcend all lines of morality and the Libyan people are tested to the utmost.

May they have the courage and fortitude to withstand, for theirs will be one of the toughest regimes to topple.

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