How to Help Egypt Thwart the Technology Block:

If there was ever a time to pay close attention in order to act directly, this is it.

As we know, Egypt is now in a communication black hole.

Last night the government cut off all phones, mobiles, Internet and SMS connections to stymie what will be the climax of the Egyptian Jan 25 Revolution.

But, the Egyptians will not be left alone for long, because technological saviours such as Tor are helping us on the outside to forge “tunnels” of communication to those inside Egypt.

Here’s how we can all get involved:

Tor is a network of tunnels through which information and internet sites can be requested and passed back anonymously, allowing users to access sites like Twitter, Facebook and Gmail even when they are blocked. Your support will allow the Egyptian people to connect to sites like Facebook, as the encrypted traffic will pass through your donated bandwidth, avoiding firewalls set up by the government. If you have the know-how and are willing to make the committment, follow the links to the right to The Tor Project’s download page, and then read their guide to running a bridge.

Set it up and pass it on.

Repression will not win.

2 comments on “How to Help Egypt Thwart the Technology Block:

  1. Great Technology
    January 28, 2011

    interesting article .. according to my study.. thanks
    best regards from indonesia

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