Tunisian Solidarity? Not in the West Bank

Mention ‘resistance’ in the context of the Arab world and the predominant result will be ‘Palestine’.

Which makes the news that the celebration of Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution has been stifled by Fatah in the West Bank all the more ironic.

As the demonstrators gathered in the midst of a simultaneous demonstration for Palestinian prisoners, they were cordoned off by members of the mukhabarat and their Tunisian flags confiscated.

For Omar Barghouti, who was present at the demo, the implications extend beyond the mere thwarting of the event:

The police are in the process of confirming the charge that the Palestinian Authority is on the side of Ben Ali and that it also fears the people and the street.

And with good reason: as the Palestinian Authority emerges as a government riddled with corruption, unaccountable, unelected officials and reports of torture by the Palestinian security forces, a disquiet prevails.

Fretful though the P.A. might be after the sudden ‘success’ (for the extent of the success remains to be seen), perhaps one lesson can be gleaned from the Tunisian case: repression does not quell.

Rather it stifles, broils and erupts.

It is better to express unity with a country that has clearly exhibited support for the Palestinian cause, rather than oppress and confront full revolutionary fervour.

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