US “Worried” by Tunisian Internet Censorship

But perhaps not as worried as it is about the same thing happening in Iran, because Tunisia is an ally in the fight against Islamic fundamentalism:

We’re certainly watching what’s happening in both Tunisia and Algeria with a great deal of interest.

Frankly speaking, we’re quite concerned about this and we’re looking at the best and most effective way to respond and to get the result we want. [Source]

So far, this has included slapping the wrist of the Tunisian ambassador and expressing interest.

The dilemma is of course whether to nudge Ben Ali out of the picture and allow true political democracy to emerge and in the process [collective gasp] enable Islamic groups to participate, or ignore mass abrogations of human rights.

Thanks to the Internet, the second (and no doubt preferred) option is increasingly out of the question.

I imagine that the US is rather hoping the riots will blow over and become a source of after dinner amusement at subsequent Ben Ali soirées.

Alternatively, actions that are out of the question increasingly become viable – particularly when the fickle character is of use.

Expect silence, occasional expressions of interest and surprise and little else, then.

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