Tengo El Tango

I love to dance.

Of course, I am no Margot Fontaine or Fifi Abdou, but I don’t believe it should get in the way of a joyful and healthy pursuit.

I love salsa, ballet (the act and effects, never the teacher, who is invariably stern in the extreme) and most of all raqs (for some reason the word ‘belly-dancing‘ fails to do it justice).

Incapable of control, I cannot hear a tabla beat without wanting to wiggle, particularly in my seat.

The number of times a Fairouz, Abdel Halim Hafez or Oum Kalthoum number has come on and I have caught myself (students + door windows) is innumerable.

Which is why I am completely besotted with the new Volkswagen advert.

Initially posted by a fellow Tweetie along with the word ‘phwoar’ (albeit in capital letters), I beg that the advert is beautiful in other aspects.

First, stripped of the garish sequins and feathers and down to the raw, rough denim and cotton, the dance is presented in bold beauty.

Second, note the muscle definition: to reduce the two (incidentally, the man is the current world number one tango champion and the lady is the world number two) to mere eye candy is crazy.

This is serious athleticism and artistic and jaw-dropping to watch by turns.

On which artistic note, I leave you with an extra helping of arty tango – this time the Gotan Project’s video clip “Santa Maria” off of the record “La Revancha del Tango” (above).

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