Can Enthusiasm Be Bottled?

If so, then I would like a healthy pint of belly-dancer Shaynaz’s.

With an interminably long little-over-a-week ahead of castdom (broken nevicular from kicking boyfriend – oh, the pain of feminism) I started my morning with the Swedish radio program Kalejdoskop.

Bad idea: the first song was Tahia’s Dance by Ihsan al-Mounzer, a wigglesome tune if ever there was one.

As is wont with ardent procrastinators and addicts of all things Google, I stumbled across Shaynaz’s clip and have been put thoroughly to shame in terms of daily energy and ethusiasm.

The woman is heavily pregnant, yet look at her vibrant joy:

A mantra that has been upheld by various dance teachers is the magic of a smile – it can transform a performance.

As one noted, “You can be the hottest woman, but if you look glum, this is the least sexy dance.”

I think that is reflected here: she engages through her charisma and is quite adorable.

So, next time I roll up to my class limping with inertia and grumbling about couch-cravings, I shall recall the beautifully pregnant Shaynaz and skip with haste.

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