Humanism Triumphs Where Talks Flounder

With only 30 minutes to go before I head to Bergen airport (more on which anon), I cannot but post this story.

The Abbas-Netanyahu talks have been a disgrace, but on the ground (or should that be waves?) activists are reinspiring hope in humankind.

More specifically, the UK-based group Jews for Justice for Palestinians is setting sail for Gaza with toys, medical equipment, textbooks and nets.

The story is beautiful and goose-bump inducing, not in the least due to the stance taken by 82-year-old Holocaust survivor Reuven Moskovitz, for whom:

It is a sacred duty for me, as a [Holocaust] survivor, to protest against the persecution, the oppression and the imprisonment of so many people in Gaza, including more than 800,000 children.

My admiration for those onboard knows no bounds and they are an eminent example to those in the echelons of power: peace can exist.

It just takes the right kind of people with the best and most honorable interests at heart.

Read the full story here.

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