Saudi Women, Behind the Lens

Through the Eyes of Saudi Arabian Women is a concept that prompts disbelief that it is only emerging now.

And the results are startling:

Poignantly, as the photographer Madawi Balghunaim observes:

Saudi females are usually the ones captured in photographs rather than doing the capturing, and they are usually captured in a single, stereotypical fashion. Being on the other side of the lens, I can help change that. [Source]

The images captured are breath-taking in their beauty and frankness.

Organized by Saudi photographer Rania A. Razek, the exhibit opened in Jeddah in April 2010 showcasing the works of amateur and professional female photographers, before moving to the Embassy in Washington D.C. between July 27-August 6.

Thankfully, the photographs from the exhibit are available in a book-form, Photography Through the Eyes of Saudi Arabian Women, with additiona commentary detailing the experiences of female photographers living in the Kingdom.

Which is most handy, as I could gaze at these images for eons.

One comment on “Saudi Women, Behind the Lens

  1. haitham
    August 17, 2010

    Nice, πŸ™‚

    A picture is worth “how many words?” πŸ™‚


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