With The Man away the past week I have hurled myself into the abyss of domesticity with wanton abandon.

So relieved to be in an environment in which sweat, flies and hand-washed laundry is no longer par for the course, the mundane has not lost its lustre.

I give it two more days.

But, mercifully, there is an upside to this new found love of all things home: my room is finally cleared and unpacked after months of procrastination; I can see the original color of my carpet and walk without crackles underfoot; and I have debuted into the realm of cup-cakedom.

To wit:

Personally, I think they are ugly as sin, but my flatmates have declared them a success.

And as one of them is a particularly skilful baker, this is pretty awesome praise.

I is a baker. ‘Tis official.

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