O, Canada

You disappoint me so.

For years I have been under the impression that you were of the gentle, rational persuasion.

Which is why the following quips come as such an unwelcome surprise:

Canada recognizes Israel’s legitimate security concerns and its right to protect its citizens from terrorist attacks, including through the restriction of access to its territory, and its right to inspect ships in order to ensure that weapons and other military equipment do not reach the Gaza Strip.

[However] while we fully support the importance of delivering humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza, we also fully support Israel’s right to inspect ships to ensure military material and armaments do not reach the hands of Hamas terrorists. [Source]

There is a degree of veracity in the above: security must be maintained.

Nevertheless, it is almost as though the deaths of the civilians onboard never occurred – there is mention of inspection, but where is the line drawn between the purveyance of a craft and the murder of its inhabitants?

The political dogmatism sits in strong contrast to that of European Ministers, for whom the blockade is “unacceptable and counter-productive,” while the past week the US has bandied about the word ‘untenable’ in conjunction with the blockade.

Of course, Canada knows that inspection is one thing and overt violence resulting in death is another.

Which makes their unstinting support of the blockade all the more distasteful.

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