Zein Al-Jundi

I really should be more imaginative with my post titles, but in this instance the above name should be suffice.

Although, the reality that online clips of Zein could be found for neither love nor money indicates that if she is not currently widely known, she should be.

For now, I swiftly guide you here.

First heard on Kalejdoskop, her voice stood out from the range of global offerings, at first impressing that this simply must be a diva that has escaped my notice.

Not so.

Born in Damascus, Zein Al-Jundi became a household name in her native Syria before relocating to Austin, Texas to pursue a degree in architecture.

In 2004 she returned to music with her debut album, Traditional Songs from Syria, to be followed by her most recent offering, Sharrafouni.

Having worked with Hossam Ramzy, Tareq Abou Jawdeh, Elia Nasser, Andre Hajj, Tony Ja’ja’, Rony Barrak, Ali Mazbouh, and Tony Haddad (to name but a few), it is a remarkable project characterized by a tremendously seductive voice.

To find out more about Zein, click here.

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