If You Do One Good Thing Today…

… Let it be this.

The following is a first on this site, and a rather lovely one: a call for donations towards an immensely worthy organization via a rather remarkable woman:

My name is Zainab Balousha and I am one of the students who received a scholarship from the Durham Palestine Educational Trust this year. I am studying for the MSc in Design and Operations Engineering , learning skills that are in short supply in Palestine. Because I know the tremendous value of these scholarships to Palestine and to Palestinians, I want to help the Trust to finance next year’s scholarships.

So, I am taking part in the Trust’s Sponsored Walk over a 12-mile route on Sunday 27 June. I have never done a sponsored walk before but I hope to survive it. I’m trying to raise £500 for the Trust and make a real contribution to its fantastic efforts on behalf of Palestinians over the last 26 years. I would be very, very grateful if you could help by sponsoring my efforts.

I first encountered Zainab as a tutee and her delightful charisma ensured that while in different departments, she is utterly unforgettable.

I might add even more so due to her relentless dedication to raising awareness and in this instance, donations towards Palestinian causes.

A few months past I posted on a Palestine event held by our college and it was at this event that Zainab succeeded in bringing the tragedy, urgency and awe of the Gazan people to a bucolic corner of Britain.

Although my friends had been wooed into attending with the promise of falafel and humus, the food was soon forgotten when Zainab took to the microphone: my friends wept at her strength and endurance: she is brilliant, shining example of what is possible if the opportunities are presented.

Which is why, if you must do one good thing today, pop over to Zainab’s page and drop a few coins in the cyber-box.

The process will take but seconds, but the act will change a young Palestinian’s life, forever.

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