This Is Empowerment: Haneen Zoubi

Over rice crispies this morning I had a discussion with my flatmate about contemporary representations of female empowerment.

To look at the most recent example in the media, Sex and the City 2, the message is clear: it is about clothes, sex, money and BFFs.

However, I am fairly certain that if I spy one more magazine boasting ‘Top Power Females’ to be followed by images of smirking celebrities, I will squeal and sprout a beard.

My dear womankind, this is empowerment:

I want to see women like Zoabi gracing the covers of magazines; I want my children to grow up understanding that female empowerment is about determination, integrity and the belief in justice.

And that it is the ability to expound these beliefs with more cojones than a room full of men that matters most.

Haneen Zoubi is fast becoming an icon.

And quite rightly.

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