Israel Launches ‘Free Cyprus’ Flotilla

You couldn’t make it up:

In response to Turkey’s lead role in sponsoring the hostile ‘Free Gaza’ flotilla this week, a former Knesset member and a Left-wing activist are joining a group of Israeli boaters as part of a flotilla leaving next week for Cyprus to highlight and call for an end to the Turkish occupation of half the island and the reunification of the country under Cypriot rule.

Another flotilla was heading out to the seas off Tel Aviv to salute the heroic performance of the Israeli navy in intercepting the Gaza convoy. [Source]

The words ‘hypocrisy,’ ‘irony,’ and ‘craptastically bonkers’ spring to mind so fast I almost fell off my chair reading the headline.

One comment on “Israel Launches ‘Free Cyprus’ Flotilla

  1. Ariel Ayalon
    June 10, 2010

    Pope on 3-day visit to Cyprus amid Greek criticism of Turkey
    06/04/2010 18:25

    PAPHOS, Cyprus — Greek Cypriot leaders made a blistering attack on Turkey for its occupation of northern Cyprus as Pope Benedict XVI began a pilgrimage to the divided island Friday bringing a message of peace to the region.

    Addressing Benedict, the head of Cyprus’ Orthodox Church, Archbishop Chrysostomos II said that “Turkey has barbarously invaded and conquered by force of arms 37 percent of our homeland.”

    Chrysostomos said that Turkey “continues to carry out its obscure plans which include the annexation of the land now under military occupation, and then a conquest of the whole of Cyprus.”

    His comments came as Benedict began a sensitive three-day day visit to Cyprus, an island divided between ethnic Turks and Greeks and viewed by the Vatican as a bridge between Europe and the Middle East.

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