Haram, A Million Times Over

… and that will still not be enough to address the following:

The criminal prosecutor on Sunday charged a 45-year-old carpenter with the rape and murder of his teenage daughter in Zarqa, official sources said.

The father, who was not identified by officials, was also charged with performing an abortion on his daughter.

The suspect reportedly headed to a police station in the early hours of Sunday, claiming to have killed his 19-year-old daughter, a senior judicial source said.

“The father stunned officers on duty by informing them that he had been raping his daughter since she was 15-years-old,” the source told The Jordan Times.

In his initial testimony to the police, the suspect said he discovered that his daughter was over five months pregnant with his child and decided to perform an abortion to get rid of the foetus.

“The suspect brought a carpet cutter, cut his daughter’s stomach with it, opened her womb and took out the female foetus and threw it in the garbage,” the source said, quoting the suspect.

He then sewed up his daughter’s stomach with thread, but could not stop her bleeding and she died, the source added.

“When he found out that she had died, he immediately headed to the nearest police station and turned himself in and confessed to the rape and abortion,” the source added. [Source]

The report did not mention the sentence.

But no sentence will be harsh enough.

Now is your chance Jordan, make an example.

No mercy, this time.

4 comments on “Haram, A Million Times Over

  1. Haitham
    May 27, 2010

    For God sake! That description of the process broke my heart into million pieces! 7aram! Wallah 7aram! I can not believe this, he killed her with carpentry tools! The father should pay dearly for this!!!

  2. Maryam
    May 27, 2010

    La huwla wa la quwwata ila Billah!

    May Allah have mercy upon the poor girl and her baby Ameen!!

    This has slapped me across the face like a brick!
    For months I have been drafting an article similar to this but only talking from my own thoughts. To read this has made me feel so angry and disgusted with this murderous and incest driven pervert!

    Such injustices must be punished with the severest sentences available to the country.

    Oh! I am so angry and upset, I’ll have to come back do a better comment.

  3. Maryam
    May 28, 2010

    Ok, finally calmed down.

    This beast of a father, surely needs locking up in the very least for the rest of his natural life.
    In the country I am in, when it comes to such barbaric acts like this, that’s when the cry for hanging, death etc is heard the loudest ( I will try not to bring up too much that Islam has capital punishments in place for things like this and they still slate Islam) but in cases like this, I do honestly think it should be considered.

    I mean, the father has not only destroyed the life of his two off springs (daughter giving birth to his next daughter – disgusting!), but the life of his wife/ ex wife, the extended family, his own family and basically, the whole community.

    What benefit would he be to any of them?

    What mental stability has he got that will make up for such a cruel way of thinking and action?

    Many questions would have to be answered if he is given a lenient sentence and the judicial system over there would be viewed as against women, unjust and advocating familial killings.

    There is no such thing as “honor” killings. A person who kills another member of their own family is NOT doing anything to preserve honor for the family, infact, I think they would have done the exact opposit and disgraced their entire family.
    By commiting murder, they have destroyed the very fabric of their family.

  4. kinziblogs
    May 29, 2010

    Layla, thank you for continuing to cover these atrocities. It is heart-breaking, infuriating, frustrating.

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