On Ane Brun

It’s not often that I stumble across artists who prompt a sudden grasping of the roots in a haze of shocked “How could I not have found you sooner?”s, but the Norwegian singer Ane Brun does just that.

One of the albums I have played to melting point since its release in 2003 is Long Gone Before Daylight by The Cardigans – I could never choose which track I love most and I remain sure that should purgatory exist, my challenge will be to choose one.

Surprisingly, I once read that The Cardigan’s almost split over the album, so convinced were they that it had strayed from the conventional tones (the band even called it their ‘beardy record‘).

In contrast, it is the best and it is that haunting melancholy that has inspired a love-at-first-chord with Brun, to wit:

It is utter beauty, devastatingly morose, yet completely spell-binding.


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